The A+ Mobile STEM Lab

  • The A+ Mobile STEM Lab is a Teacher Command Center that provides teachers with the tools to turn an empty classroom into a technology-based, multi-media learning environment.  This 20-30 stem-station management cart goes far beyond the basic charging station functionality of standard laptop carts without the need for any additional fabrication.
  • Standard components of this self-contained Teacher Command Center include a central computer, document camera with easy zoom and video capability, printer, scanner, copier, and a built-in Bose sound system. Each cart provides connectivity with an interactive panel or smart board,  as well as a wireless tablet that allows teachers to remotely annotate the screen throughout the classroom.
  • The Classroom Management System allows the teacher to Monitor, Guide, and Control all student laptop usage and push content to individual students or the entire classroom. Teachers maintain complete visibility of every student’s laptop activity and, with one click of the mouse, may blank all screens, or lock screens of specific students as well as restrict access to the internet. The teacher may also easily transfer files to individual laptops.
  • The A+ Mobile STEM Lab encourages students to act like “real scientists & engineers” by participating in experiments and activities that involve real data they personally select and sample from the world around them. The A+ Mobile STEM Lab is available in grade-specific variations of the following configurations including Lab for Science, Lab for College Prep, Lab for Literacy, and Lab for Pre-K.